Cover Crop

To create a hydromulch cover crop, a basic paper hydromulch is used.  We then add Wimmera Rye, Annual Rye and/or Medic clover.  The addition of super phosphate and urea ensure the cover crop is well fertilised as it grows.  This mix is best suited for the colder and wetter months of the year to allow successful germination of the seed.

A stabilisation seed mix or amenity grass mix combined with the appropriate fertilisers can be an efficient and effective combination when applied through hydromulching.

It is recommended to use this mix on areas that are not going to be developed or disturbed within the following months after application.

Summer Grasses
Winter Grasses
Parkland Mixes
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Cover Crop Options

Commercial Developments
New Housing Developments
Stabilising Sand Embankments
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Where We Apply Cover Crops