Hydromulching is the process of applying a slurry of either paper, compost or polymers to soil surfaces to minimise erosion and act as dust control. The slurry is sprayed on the ground with a truck mounted pump through a canon or, for more inaccesible areas, a high pressure hose.  Once hardened the mulch provided a protective surface that suppresses dust as well as minimises water erosion. 


Minesite and Civil Dust Suppression


GHEMS Hydromulch can be applied to various surfaces and areas from minesite waste dumps  to cleared civil development sites. Our 4WD trucks mean we can access almost any site.




The use of the water holding karribark fibre can assist in revegetation projects. Native seeds can also be added to the mulch mix for effective seed application in revegetation projects.  This is particularly useful in areas that are very steep or have hard surfaces.