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Water Corporation Wastewater Treatment Plant - Hydroseeding

February 19, 2020

GHEMS recently completed hydroseeding works at a large wastewater treatment plant for Water Corporation (Water Corp), which included the first application of Vital Chemical’s VE Gro-Matt and Vital Bon-Matt Stonewall products in Western Australia (WA).

The scope of works included dust control for all cleared and exposed areas across the site, as well as erosion control and revegetation works for a number of limestone batters and swales. We completed dust suppression hydroseeding using newspaper based hydromulch with a cover crop seed, as well as revegetation hydroseeding for erosion control to batters and swales, which consisted of Vital Chemical’s Gro-Matt, Bon-Matt Stonewall and mix of native and cover crop seed.

The exposed limestone base of the batters and swales presented a particularly challenging aspect of the works. We recommended these areas be hydroseeded using a wood fibre hydromulch and tackifier (Gro-Matt and Bon-Matt Stonewall), along with a native seed mix of limestone tolerant species.

Water Corp not only relied upon our extensive experience in carrying out hydromulch/hydroseeding works, but also relied upon our significant botanical and revegetation knowledge and expertise to identify a mix of native species able to tolerate the limestone conditions of the batters and swales. In addition, the recommended native seed mix was supplied by GHEMS from our extensive seed store.

The works were successfully completed to the strict quality and safety requirements of Water Corp and have received positive feedback from Water Corp personnel. It was a pleasure to work with Water Corp on this project and continue our long-standing working relationship, as well as to have had the opportunity to work with Vital Chemical to complete the first project in WA where Vital’s products were utilised.

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