GHEMS fields a well serviced fleet of all wheel drive hydromulching trucks. All fitted with uniquely designed, purpose built mulching tanks, well proven reliable and efficient.  Their independent diesel power drives a large centrifugal pump and hydraulically operated twin paddle mixing tank. The various blends of slurry mix are applied through a range of spray nozzles, either by canon or extended hand held hose. These mulching units are simple and easy to maintain with a well-designed freshwater backflush and cleaning system. 


All wheel drive flat-top trucks with jib cranes are used for support and to convey materials to site where required. Operating from the conveniently located Bassendean depot with good stocks of mulching material held for any busy schedule of seasonal works. With trained and capable personnel, loading equipment and service facilities GHEMS Hydromulch is proudly committed to this specialised service and expanding client base. 

GHEMS Hydromulching Fleet