Our People

Greg Hill

Managing Director

Greg has a strong practical background drawn from over 30 years commercial experience in a variety of environmental and land management disciplines acquired in Australia and overseas.  He has been acknowledged for his technical and management skills in the design, implementation and maintenance of environmental and revegetation projects.  Greg has extensive knowledge of vegetation systems, land impact and management processes on both local and overseas projects.  He has first hand experience in supplying services to the industries of land care, agriculture, pastoral, mining, construction, urban development and plantation establishment.  Greg has numerous large-scale contracts to his credit, encompassing impact assessments, revegetation treatments, maintenance and evaluations, for land disturbance activities in mining, construction, urban development and agriculture.


Brayden Hill

Project Manager

Brayden has been working in the natural resource industry since 2007 with a strong background in environmental and hydromulching works. Brayden has a cert. IV in conservation land management and is experienced in the implementation and planning of revegetation, natural area management and hydromulching for government, industrial and large civil infrastructure development projects. Experience includes; project supervision, restoration/revegetation of erosion prone areas, machinery operation, and hydroseeding management. Brayden has a solid understanding of hydromulching and hydroseeding methodologies and has been involved in projects ranging from Boddington Gold Mine, Rio Tinto hydroseeding trials, various Watercorp dam embankment hydromulching as well as many government and civil projects. 


David Hodgkinson

Project Engineer

David has been working at GHEMS for 4 years and throughout this time he has been an integral part of the Western Australian GHEMS hydromulching activities. David has a Bachelor of Engineering and plays a key role for hydromulching at GHEMS in regards to supervising, preparation and operations on site. David has experience working on many different sites with varying methods of hydromulching being applied to match the unique situation. Examples of site works include government, civil infrastructure, land development and mining. David is experienced with the various mixes and ingredients which include karribark fibre mulch, soil conditioners, polymers, paper, fertilisers, native seeds and cover crop mixes. David has the mechanical and technical ability to efficiently operate, maintain and troubleshoot the specialised hydromulching equipment. 

Tegan Clarke

Project Supervisor

Tegan has been with GHEMS for more than 3 years now, in which time she has moved up from Natural Area supervisor/team leader role into Project Supervision of landscaping and revegetation projects and also GHEMS hydromulching operations. Tegan is a key driver/operator of the GHEMS hydromulch machines, and has developed good relationships with all clients, which has led to successful and smooth completion of works.