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Revegetation and ecosystem restoration

When used in revegetation, hydromulching provides a method of:

1) broadcasting/dispersing seed; 

2) controlling erosion and stabilising the soil surface to allow seedlings to establish; and

3) applying fertilisers and other soil amendments. 

This can often be done in a single, 'one-pass' operation, and creates cost, time and resource efficiencies. Hydromulch is particularly suited to large broadacre sites, as well as areas where site access is difficult or unsafe, such as steep batters and embankments. 

Hydromulch, as with ordinary mulch, is used to add a layer of organic matter on the soil's surface in order to add structure, stimulate biological activity and improve soil moisture retention, with the overall intention of creating an improved environment for seed germination and vegetation establishment. 

With industry-leading knowledge and extensive experience in revegetation, GHEMS can offer sound technical advice on hydromulch applications for revegetation projects, as well as recommend appropriate native plant species for use. What's more, we can supply native seed directly from our native seed store. For more on our revegetation and native seed services, got to

View our Projects for examples of our revegetation, rehabilitation and ecosystem restoration capabilities and experience.

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