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Emu Drain erosion control and revegetation

Project (year): 

Emu Drain erosion control and revegetation (2020)


Great Northern Connect (GNC) JV (Laing O'Rourke Australia Construction Pty Ltd and BGC Contracting Pty Ltd) 



GHEMS’ scope of works on the landmark NorthLink WA Stage 2 project has been extended to include erosion control and revegetation works of the environmentally important Emu Swamp Main Drain (Emu Drain). 

In order to control erosion and stabilise the drain’s embankments, GHEMS applied a revegetation hydromulch mix consisting of ProGanics and Flexterra. The hydromulch was installed in a two-stage process, consisting first of ProGanics with a cover crop seed and native seed mix, followed by the Flexterra applied over the ProGanics.  

While hydromulch performs a function similar to coir matting/erosion control blankets, additional advantages provided by the hydromulch products utilised include: 

  • ProGanics – primarily functions as a topsoil amerliorant / alternative growth media to aid seed germination and vegetation establishment

  • Flexterra – primarily functions as a ‘flexible growth media’, to enhance erosion control effectiveness and surface stabilisation   

Only one week after hydromulch was installed, cover crop seed had germinated, showing signs of good vigour and growth.

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