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Dust suppression hydromulch.

Hydromulch provides cost-effective short-to-medium term dust suppression. Paper pulp hydromulch is the most common type of hydromulch used in Western Australia and across numerous sectors, including land and property development, civil construction and engineering as well as mining and quarrying.


Erosion control hydromulch provides a physical barrier on the soil's surface resistant to water and wind erosion. The hydromulch slurry is generally of a wood fibre base, and includes types such as 'stabilised mulch matrix' (SMM), 'bonded fibre matrix' (BFM), 'hydraulic growth media' (HGM) and 'flexible growth media' (FGM). GHEMS maintains a large stock of the various types of erosion control hydromulches and can supply and install the most appropriate to suit site objectives. 


When used in revegetation, hydromulching provides a method of:

1) broadcasting/dispersing seed; 

2) controlling erosion and stabilising the soil surface to allow seedlings to establish; and 

3) applying fertilisers and other soil amendments. 

Hydromulch is particularly suited to large broadacre sites, as well as areas where site access is difficult or unsafe, such as steep batters and embankments. 




GHEMS hydromulch is a market leader specialising in all aspects of hydromulching and hydroseeding, with significant dust suppression, erosion control and revegetation expertise and experience. 


Operating from our centrally located Bassendean depot for over 15 years, GHEMS hydromulch is a proudly Western Australian family-owned business, committed to providing this specialised service to Perth and Western Australia. 


Our team of highly capable and experienced Environmental Technicians have completed a vast number of projects - from large, complex erosion control works on mine sites, to small, one-off dust suppression works on residential blocks. 

In addition to hydromulching and hydroseeding, GHEMS offers a broad range of environmental services, including native seed supply, revegetation, natural area management. Go to www.ghems.com.au to find out more about these services. 



We are well equipped and resourced - maintaining a large fleet of specialised 4x4 hydromulch trucks and a significant inventory of hydromulch materials and products to successfully undertake any hydromulching and hydroseeding project. 

Our fleet of 4x4 hydromulch trucks includes:​

  • Isuzu 4x4 F-Series 13 t truck - 5,000 L paddle agitated tank

  • Isuzu 4x4 F-Series 13 t truck - 5,500 L paddle agitated tank

  • Iveco 4x4 Eurocargo 15 t truck - 5,000 L paddle agitated tank

  • Iveco 4x4 Trakker 18 t truck - 6,000 L paddle agitated tank

  • Mercedes Benz 4x4 Atego - 7,500 L paddle agitated tank

  • Custom Carrier 6x6 - 7,500 L paddle agitated tank

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